Bio Lake Clear, LLMO GC for Pond/Lake Algae Control

Organic Solutions for Pond/lake Algae problems

Organic Solutions for Pond/lake Algae problems

Organic Earth Solutions llc and Bio Lake Clear

Algae control in ponds and lakes takes proper lake management. Every pond and lake is different, but we have the Organic Earth Solutions LLC to improve water clarity, remove sludge, eliminate odor and surface mattes.

**Fountains, Carp,Dyes, Barley Straw, certainly chemicals DO NOT IMPROVE WATER,  Bio Lake Clear ABSOLUTLY Does”

Servicing the Tri-state area – NJ, PA, and NY, now servicing  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and vicinity.

Organic Solutions for Pond/lake Algae problems
Organic Solutions for Pond/lake Algae problems

Bio Lake Clear: New Improved Formula!! Stronger

Lake or Pond Algae Problems
are the Solution!

Natural Water Treatment for Lakes and Ponds.

Waste Water Treatment
Unprecedented Success For Over 25 Years Treating: BOD 650 to 50 is not impossible, the most cost effective SOLUTION.

  • Sludge Reduction
  • BOD and SS Reduction
  • Grease Reduction: Grease Trap, Pit Toilets,Waste Holding Tank,Cesspool, Lift Stations etc.
  • Ammonia Compliance WWTP (NH2)
  • Digest Organic Solids
  • Odor Control: Hydrogen Sulfide, Formaldehyde, Copper Sulfate, and Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Breaks Down Other Odorous Compounds

Commercial Aquaculture: Fish Farming including RAS systems: Saltwater and Freshwater. For superior nitrification (biological removal of ammonia and nitrite) in aquiculture systems. Digests organic sludge, minimizes H2S production, and minimizes potential for pathogenic bacterial growth by digesting excess organic sediment that cause anaerobic zone. SEE case study.pdf for results.

Bio Lake Sludge Buster: Biological solution for sludge reduction. Works fast, affordable, and 100% SAFE for the environment.

Bio Lake E-Coli Reduction: Biological solutions for E-Coli reduction. SAFE to swim with treatment. 100% SAFE

By Organic Earth Solutions LLC

Organic Solutions for Pond/lake Algae problems