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How long do I treat for pond Algae? Bio Lake Clear

How long do I treat for pond Algae?

How long do I treat for pond Algae
How long do I treat for pond Algae

                  Dear Customer, 

          Minimum Dosage’s for ponds and Lakes is a 6 weeks program. Full season typically from April through October. Adjust these dates for geographic region.

With over 30,000 different verities of algae, we are extremely confident our “Bio Lake Clear” product works. Every pond is different. In some cases one product, “Bio Lake Clear”  by itself does not always work. This is why we have “Bio Lake Ecosocks”. Bio Lake Ecosocks are highly recommended to be use in combination with Bio Lake Clear . This combination will get the results you expect. If you decide to use only one product and do not get the results you expect, DON’T assume our product does not work, add the Bio Lake Ecosock to your program. We only want SATISFIED customers. We are more than happy to consult with you before you make a purchase.Customer love a clear pond.


Wayne Wojcik

How long do I treat for pond Algae

Dangers of handling copper sulfate, Would you swim in it?

Dangers of handling copper sulfate Don’t Use Copper Sulfate!! When organisms such as algae become a problem in private or commercial fish ponds, copper sulfate treatment provides an inexpensive solution. However, improper application of copper sulfate can create more problems than it solves. Pond Problems Excessive algae may accumulate in ponds. It may float on the… Continue Reading

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