3 acre Glen Lake, Woodburry Heights, NJ: Big algae problems

Lake and Pond management
Lake and Pond management

Algae problam

I’m home owner who lives directly on Glen Lake. I complained about the quality of the lake to the mayor, H W. Elton, and the lake association. Living on the lake and not being able to fish or canoe makes for a not so much fun summer.  I have young kids and we all enjoy the water. We do allot of entertaining outside and by 4th of July the lake is nasty. A hair like substance floating on the lake would get caught on the oars, get caught on the fishing line and it was extremely unsightly.  Every year around June/July the lake gets covered about 90% with algae, and remains until late September. Fishing gets tough and somewhat impossible to enjoy this outdoor sport with all the mats floating on the surface.

woodbury 2fWe did a search on line for an organic solution to our problem. Of course chemicals can be used but with kids, fish and wildlife this was not an option.. We found Organic Earth Solutions and called them in to evaluate the condition of the lake and come up with a game plan to resolve the problem. We started treatment in the beginning of April 2011, everything is clean now, but it was recommended to start at this time because a biological treatment takes longer to work.

after2By the time June rolled around the water was still clear of the hair like mat (algae). July and August came around and the lake was still absolutely clear. We had a unusual hot summer and our lake doesn’t have much movement, I thought that would be a problem but it remained clear. I can’t say how much happier we are now that the lake is beautiful and CLEAR, after all the lake was the reason we bought this house. I was seriously considering selling the house if it could not be cleaned, and of course I couldn’t list the house in the summer, it was just ugly. Again extremely happy with the results thanks to Organic Earth Solutions.

Chuck R.

Woodbury Heights NJ

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