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100% Biological Solutions for Troubled Lakes/Ponds
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100% Biological Solutions for Algae reduction in pond

Why should you  continued using Bio Lake Clear

Algae reduction in pond

100% Biological Solutions for Algae reduction in pond, it is true that the bacteria we supply are in fact common bacteria found in natural, untreated ponds. However, the natural biochemical environment of a pond precludes the long term establishment of bacteria that produce exoenzymes at a high rate (this function is required to minimize sludge build up). And nitrifying bacteria are by nature very slow growing. Regular additions of large numbers of actively nitrifying bacteria are needed to help compete with alga for Nitrite and Phosphate. Real world pond experience proves that sludge builds up, water odors are common, and excessive alga blooms occur. These problems are typical, and prevalent. Through use of our products, our customers solve these problems safely, naturally, and quickly. Even after dosing with our products, after some time expires, the other bacteria (the fast growing ones that were there before we added our products) tend to reestablish their dominance over the slow growing bacteria. That is why it is necessary to continue to add Bio Lake Clear.

          Minimum Dosage’s for pond and Lakes is a 6 weeks program. Full season typically from April through October. Adjust these dates for geographic region.

100% Biological Solutions for Troubled ponds with Bio Lake Clear and Bio Lake Ecosocks. To reduce alga in lakes, it’s easy with OES products.

Algae reduction in pond
Your lake can look like this.

Simple to use, easy application one a week or once every 2 weeks, a simple DO-IT-YOURSELF project anyone can do.

Algae reduction in pond is easy, with OES products.

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