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Aquaculture Ammonia Removal Tilapia, Catfish, shrimp

Aquaculture Ammonia Removal Tilapia, Catfish, shrimp

ALSO for Use in live fish Transportation – Extend travel time, Reduce Mortality


Any commercial aquaculture fish or shellfish; REDUCE CCVD and OFF FLAVOR Fish

REDUCE Ammonia level’s to .5 -.2 ppm or lower and maintain that level; Extremely Cost Effective

  • Dramatically reduce toxic NH3 and NO2 in the ponds
  • Digest excess sludge
  • Reduce sulfide (sulfide is produced with excess organic sludge)
  • Reduce excess algae blooms (which will result in reduced need for algaecide chemicals in the ponds)

GREAT for use in RAS System’s ( Recirculating Aquaculture Systems ) Aquaculture Ammonia Removal StartSmart CAV.

Description: Live bacterial suspension. For superior nitrification (biological removal of ammonia and nitrite) in aquaculture systems. Digests organic sludge, minimizes H2S production, and minimizes potential for pathogenic bacterial growth by digesting excess organic sediment that cause anaerobic zone, also Regulate PH, and Algae Bloom’s. No need for Algaecide with Startsmart. FDA approved for food processing plants.


Distributor/Dealer inquires welcome. The Picture below right, shows a 2500 gal tank that we setup at your facility to manufacture your own BACTERIA , making it the most cost effective product on the market.

Advantage Number 1: Improved Nitrification and Denitrification

Nitrification is the aerobic conversion of ammonia to nitrite, followed by the aerobic conversion of nitrite to nitrate. Every one in the aquaculture business knows how harmful ammonia and nitrite build up can be. Conversion of ammonia to nitrite is accomplished by the action of the bacterium, Nitrosomonas. The conversion of nitrite to nitrate is accomplished by Nitrobacter. Compared to other types of bacteria, these nitrifying bacteria grow and function rather slowly. When a system is being started up, or after significant water exchanges, establishing a good population of nitrifying bacteria is a difficult and often lengthy process. Denitrification occurs in zones where dissolved oxygen is quite low (less than 0.5 ppm).

Denitrification is the conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas. It requires bacteria which perform denitrification, and it also requires a source of dissolved organic carbon . When all conditions are present, the nitrate is converted to nitrogen gas and the dissolved organic carbon is converted to CO2, water, and new bacterial cells. Of course, nitrogen gas is completely non-toxic. The StartSmart Aquaculture System completely removes toxic forms of nitrogen from your system by performing nitrification and denitrification.

Aquaculture Ammonia Removal Tilapia, Catfish, shrimp

Advantage Number 2: Reduced Sludge Build Up

Sludge accumulation results from excess feed and fecal matter. Sludge build up causes blooms of anaerobic bacteria. These anaerobic bacteria often release hydrogen sulfide, which causes off flavor problems. Anaerobic bacteria are also likely to be pathogenic to fish. Minimizing sludge build up is critical to fish health and commercial success. The bacteria in the StartSmart Aquaculture System actually digest sludge and other organic materials. This dramatically improves the overall water quality, and minimizes off-flavor and disease.

Advantage Number 3: Patented StartSmart Aquaculture System Beats All Competitors

In repeated controlled laboratory tests,StartSmart consistently outperforms the competition . With our unique Delivery System, large quantities of selected bacteria can be introduced continuously at minimum cost. This means that start up of nitrification after water exchanges or toxic shock (such as antibiotic addition) is greatly improved. This also means that as the fish population increases in numbers and fish size, the bacteria will be able to keep up with the excess ammonia and fecal load.

Benefits Of The StartSmart Aquaculture System:

  • StartSmart Works. Proper dosage of the right kind of bacteria, grown on-site for maximum activity, stops ammonia / nitrite build up and prevents sludge accumulation.
  • StartSmart Increases Your Profits. Reduce mortality, reduce off-flavor, less stressed fish increase profits.
  • StartSmart Is Economical. Unique Delivery System actually grows bacteria, delivering many times more bacteria per dollar than the competition.
  • StartSmart Is Safe. Approved by U.S.D.A. for use in food processing plants. NOT A CHEMICAL OR ALGICIDE. No permit needed. Non-toxic, Non-pathobenic.
  • ALSO for Use in fish Transportation – Extend travel time, Reduce Mortality, Aquaculture Ammonia Removal
Aquaculture Ammonia Removal Tilapia, Catfish, shrimp: Do it Naturally!

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