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Satisfied Customer LLMO GC, NJ

Our large pond had given us problems for many years. Once the weather turned warm blankets of green algae would form on the surface of the water. As the summer progressed it became much worse creating a blanket of sludge. We tried many options and had spent thousands of dollars. Some products worked for a… Continue Reading

Nitrifying Bacteria

Nitrifying Bacteria Our greatest competitive advantage is our technology for manufacturing and stabilizing nitrifying bacteria. Nitrifying bacteria play a critical role in reducing ammonia and nitrite levels in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), ponds, and in the control of excessive algae growth. Nitrifying bacteria consume Nh3, No2, and also consume large amount of Phosphate (Po4). These nutrients are also… Continue Reading

New Zealand: Sister Product LLMO GC,Startsmart

Department of Conservation: Te Papa Atawhai Motutapu Dam Algae Treatment In autumn 2011, the “Duck Pond” on Motutapu Island was fenced off preventing livestock access. The dam was in a highly degraded state with poor water quality. The dam is located within the West Point catchment which contains a small stream that has proven to be the second… Continue Reading

Commercial Aquaculture, Fish Farming: Ammonia Reduction

Ammonia Reduction for Aquaculture StartSmart is the only biological product independently proven to instantly nitrify, meaning that all of the ammonia is biologically converted to nitrite to nitrate ( See StartSmart review article, Aquarium Fish International, September 2010). This case study concerns use of StartSmart to improve intensive fish farming of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus Valenciennes). Shrimp-Catfish-Salmon-Tilapia… Continue Reading

How to use Startsmart

General: Salt and Freshwater Tanks Freshwater and Saltwater Formulas Available  StartSmart Complete comes in freshwater and saltwater formulas. Be sure to use the correct formula.  No Need To Refrigerate StartSmart Complete does NOT need refrigeration. It has a two year shelf life before any loss of function at all. StartSmart Complete Is NOT Clear Like… Continue Reading

Grease Trap Cleaner and Maintenance

Grease Trap Maintenance and Cleaner Excellent Solution for Use in Cafeterias, Corporate Dinning Facilities,  Amusement Parks, Food Vendors Restaurants, Dinning Halls, Party Facilities or any place commercial grease traps have been installed! Grease build-up in sewer collection systems, drain lines, grease traps, lagoon systems and leach fields has always been a  problem for waste water professionals. Grease deposits have traditionally… Continue Reading

Septic Test Results

Septic Treatment System for Home and Commercial Use Experimental Summary A comprehensive, test vs. control laboratory study was conducted to confirm the superior results attainable in standard residential septic tanks using Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner (Regular Strength, liquid formulation). This rigorous test was performed for 90 consecutive days in a laboratory setting using Bio Drain and Septic… Continue Reading

BOD Reduction: WWTP

We had a test project in Canada with a company that does Waste Water Treatment modifications. The project was two 5000 gallons tanks in a processing plant. The BOD level were at 650, they did have computerized system that fed dried bacteria into the tanks. I’m not sure what the BOD levels went down to, but I… Continue Reading

High Nitrite Effects Ponds and Lakes

High Nitrite Effects Ponds and Lakes Environmental Impact Nitrates in fertilizer dissolve in rain or irrigation water. Eventually, they find their way into ground water, wells, streams, rivers and lakes. Warm weather and high levels of nitrates in rivers and lakes may lead to algae blooms and fish kills, where large numbers of fish die in water. Excess nitrates… Continue Reading

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