Lake swimming safety, safe to swim?Edit Entry

Lake swimming safety, are you safe to swim?

lake swimming safety
Is your lake water clean?

Don’t be afraid to ask your swim club or campground if they treat with chemical? Here is a simple answer, “yes” but the product is SAFE for swimming. It might be, but, if you need a PERMIT to use any product in any  pond or lake it is a chemical.

Lake swimming safety is important when someone in your family has any type of skin sensitivity, or no sensitivity. Swimming with chemical typically is not safe. Why risk it?

All of our products are 100% safe with no need for permits. 

Where would you rather swim?

Septic Treatment after pumping Bio Drain and Septic CleanerEdit Entry

Septic Treatment after pumping with Bio Drain and Septic cleaner Add 1 gallon of Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner after you get your system pumped, this will add billions of bacteria to get your system running properly. Septic Conditions Requiring Treatment: (Severe Conditions see below) Pipes and lines leading to the tank, the distribution box… Continue Reading

Ponds and PlantsEdit Entry

For technical purposes, we differentiate into 4 groups:  algae, floating aquatic plants, submerged weeds, and emergent weeds.  Here is our definition and some examples for each.  A.  Algae  Primitive plants closely related to fungi.  No true leaves, stems, or root systems. Over 20,000 species have been identified.  There are three primary forms in the ponds we… Continue Reading

Fish Farming, Ponds and RAS SystemsEdit Entry

Fish Farming Ammonia Reduction for Aquaculture World Wide Distribution StartSmart is the only biological product independently proven to instantly nitrify, meaning that all of the ammonia is biologically converted to nitrite to nitrate ( See StartSmart review article, Aquarium Fish International, September 2010). This case study concerns use of StartSmart to improve intensive fish farming of grass… Continue Reading

Septic Cleaning,better nowEdit Entry

Septic Cleaning If you have a pipe like this in your basement, even without a septic system, it is absolutely positive you will clog up in time. This can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. With regular maintenance with Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner, it will never clog. Cast iron pipe is notorious… Continue Reading

Harmful Bacteria – E ColiEdit Entry

We have the Solution! Test shows a 66% REDUCTION of E-Coli bacteria in 45 days of treatment! Thanks to “BIO LAKE SLUDGE BUSTER”. We can treat any size pond or Lake. Fecal Coliform reduction in ponds and lakes The presence of fecal contamination in a body of water, is an indicator that a potential health risk… Continue Reading

Lake Sludge Reduction ProgramEdit Entry

New for 2016: Bio Lake Sludge Buster Test Program on Lake Musconectong, NJ Lake Musconetcong is located on the border of Morris County and Sussex County, New Jersey, and is part of Hopatcong State Park, which is administered by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The Musconetcong River flows through the lake. The lake covers… Continue Reading

Live Fish Transport SolutionEdit Entry

Extend Travel Time – Reduce Mortality Use of StartSmart to Reduce Fish Mortality During Transport  This study was conducted by the India College of Fisheries, Professor Jayaraj (principle investigator).  The purpose of the study was to evaluate the ability of StartSmart batches (procedures outlined below) in reducing fish mortality during transport.  The study included evaluation… Continue Reading

Pfizer Inc., 8 acre lake, Lincoln Nebraska FacilityEdit Entry

Algae fixed with Bio Lake Clear and Ecosocks Background :The Pfizer, Inc facility in Lincoln, NE includes an 8-acre lake. This lake has had a history of increasing eutrophication, as pond odors (sulphide) and excess algae blooms have become increasingly problematic in recent years.Johnson Controls is under contract with Pfizer to provide process control and maintenance… Continue Reading