BOD Reduction: WWTP

We had a test project in Canada with a company that does Waste Water

LLMO G1ecosockTreatment modifications. The project was two 5000 gallons tanks in a processing plant. The BOD level were at 650, they did have computerized system that fed dried bacteria into the tanks. I’m not sure what the BOD levels went down to, but I guess it was worth while looking into something new. I provided 3 Ecosocks specifically designed for this application, they were submersed into the tank and stayed for 4 weeks. The tanks are aerated, and after the 4 weeks I was told the BOD levels went down to 25,  AMAZING. I’m trying to found out more specifics about the job. We’ll see if they get back to me. I do know that dried or powdered bacteria  do not have nitrification agents, which is important to reduce BOD levels.  Ours does! Just to make a point, I do not a biology degree or PhD, don’t claim to be, I just own the company and work with the manufacturer on various projects hand in hand to get results.



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