Commercial Septic Problem Fixed with Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner

LLMO G1 Super Septic Treatment

I own a commercial property in Hunterdon County NJ.  It’s a strip mall with 11 stores, ranging from a pizza restaurant, book store, to a Chinese restaurant. Properties in this are require a have a septic system,  even for a commercial property.  I get the system pumped out a couple of time a year, which is fine. The system itself has 3 tanks, one is a 1000 gallon grease trap that goes into another 1500 gallon, and then into another 1500 gallon tank that pumps into the field. The field itself has had surface water present for some time. In the winter the grass still stays green and grows tall. Still very soggy or freezes when it does get cold, but it’s like a river, for the most part a constant flow, so not all freezes solid. In the summer you can’t cut the grass because of the soggy soil. On top of that is has a constant odor, depending on which way the wind blows, the odor travels to the parking lot for patrons to smell. I started treatment in November 2011 with products from Organic Earth Solutions in NJ. They carry a variety of product from waste water treatment, to drain line cleaners, pond/lake management, aquaculture (fish farming), fish tank products and of course septic system products.  Part of the product line bio drain freeis interchangeable like the waste water treatment and septic system treatment. For my property it as recommend using one product from waste water treatment, LLMO G1, Septic Medic for odor control and Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner for added bacteria. The problem with the field is when the field gets loaded with waste solids;  it clogs the stone and doesn’t allow the liquid to flow to the bottom in a natural filtration process. In this scenario, water escapes up to the surface, because it has no where to go but up. The bacteria in these three products, super concentrated, digest the waste  solids in between the rocks and allow the water to flow threw to the bottom. This absolutely worked on my property. So far the surface area that was wet has been totally dry for a month. The grass is brown like the rest, and the soil, bone dry. I will continue using the products from Organic Earth Solutions to maintain my septic system. Great Product! Navacat Ent. LLC Joe S.

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