e-coli in ponds and lakes

E-Coli Bacteria and Sludge Reduction 

E-Coli 66% Reduction in 6 weeks 

e coli bacteria and sludge reduction

In 45 days we were able to reduce E-Coli Bacteria and Sludge Reduction by 66%. Ponds and lakes get tested for bacteria frequently to insure safe swimming conditions for all concerned. We have a 100% SAFE alternative to chemical treatments. Ask your campground or municipality what they use to treat there water impoundment and how safe is it to swim.

TOTAL COLIFORM BACTERIA: Most coliform bacteria are harmless, but their presence in water indicates that there is a pathway for potentially harmful bacteria to enter and contaminate your pond.
E. COLI BACTERIA: E. coli is one of the bacteria included in the total coliform bacteria test result. E. coli only occur in animal and human wastes. Their presence is more serious than total coliform bacteria and they are more likely to cause illness. The presence of E. coli in wells can usually be traced to nearby septic systems, streams, pet wastes or runoff from barnyards. To be safe to drink, your water should have no E. coli present.

Product used to treat sludge and E-Coli = Bio Lake Sludge Buster by Organic Earth Solutions LLC

E-Coli and Sludge Reduction can be treated with NO Permits from state or local government.