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StartSmart is the only biological product independently proven to instantly nitrify, meaning that all of the ammonia is biologically converted to nitrite to nitrate ( See StartSmart review article, Aquarium Fish International, September 2010). This case study concerns use of StartSmart to improve intensive fish farming of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus Valenciennes).

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Description: Live bacterial suspension. For superior nitrification (biological removal of ammonia and nitrite) in aquaculture systems. Digests organic sludge, minimizes H2S production, and minimizes potential for pathogenic bacterial growth by digesting excess organic sediment that cause anaerobic zone.

StartSmart FRESHWATER and SALTWATER Fish Farming

RAS System are Perfect for our StartSmart

Liquid and ready to use straight from the bottle to aquaculture system needing treatment. Can also be used with StartSmart Activator in Delivery System for larger applications, and for better economy.

Successful commercial aquaculture involves raising the maximum number of healthy, on-flavor fish in confined or semi-confined systems. It is well known that increasing fish density causes potential problems ranging from ammonia and nitrite toxicity to sludge build up. The StartSmart Aquaculture System provides a cost effective way to eliminate ammonia and nitrite build up plus reduce sludge accumulation.

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