Grease Trap Maintenance and Cleaner and Septic Cleaner

Grease Trap Maintenance and Cleaner

Excellent Solution for Use in Cafeterias, Corporate Dinning Facilities,  Amusement Parks, Food Vendors Restaurants, Dinning Halls, Party Facilities or any place commercial grease traps have been installed!  LLMO G1

Grease build-up in sewer collection systems, drain lines, lagoon systems and leach fields has always been a  problem for waste water professionals. Grease deposits have traditionally been removed mechanically, or with enzymes or degreasers. While effective, these methods all Grease Trap Maintenance and Cleanerhave  drawbacks.  Mechanical removal is both expensive and labor intensive. Enzymes have generally proven too expensive to be used at effective doses. And while degreasers remove the deposits from the treatment site, the grease simply resolidifies at a point further downstream.

Convenient, Low Cost,and Proven Effective for Grease, Scum, and Odor Treatment! Grease Trap Maintenance and Cleaner

Grease Release Liquid is a combination of Live Proprietary Microbe Strains and Natural Enzymes. Add liquid down the nearest drain leading to the trap, or directly into the trap itself. For each trap, use 1 gallon initially. For maintenance, pour one quart into drain or trap each week.  For best results, divide the dosage into each of the drain lines leading to the trap. Larger traps which service several establishment should be treated with gallons of GREASE RELEASE – liquid G 1, initially.

Use these products when noxious odors are emanating from traps and drains, and when excessive grease buildup accumulates in traps and pipes. LLMO G1 is one of our products that work in grease traps.

Grease Trap Maintenance and Cleaner

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