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Instantly Cycle Aquarium
Instantly Cycle Aquarium

Freshwater and Saltwater Formulas Available  StartSmart Complete comes in freshwater and saltwater formulas. Be sure to use the correct formula.  No Need To Refrigerate StartSmart Complete does NOT need refrigeration. It has a two year shelf life before any loss of function at all.

StartSmart Complete Is NOT Clear Like Water In a Bottle. Unlike some competing products that appear relatively clear, StartSmart Complete has significant biological solids (bacterial colonies) that look like brown flecks. When the product is shaken, it will look a turbid, brownish color.

326_AFICoverWhen you add StartSmart Complete to you tank, the water will naturally become slightly turbid for a few hours. This is completely natural, and only temporary. There are huge numbers of beneficial bacteria in StartSmart Complete. After a few hours, the StartSmart bacteria will begin to group together and adhere to natural surfaces such as plants, gravel, etc. The StartSmart bacteria will NOT BE NOTICEABLE AFTER A FEW HOURS! If you areconcerned about a display tank looking slightly turbid, be sure to dose at the end of a working day. The next day, the turbidity due to StartSmart Complete will be completely gone. Freshwater Aquarium

StartSmart Complete has three main uses:

  1. Instantly Cycle 
  2. For Routine Maintenance 
  3. Solve Algae Problems 

Three Different Dose Rates
StartSmart Complete dosage is based on the product use. Here is the summary:
To Instantly Cycle:

  1. 75 ml per 100 litres. One time dose is all that is needed. After tank is cycled, revert to maintenance dose 
  2. For Routine Maintenance: 20 ml per 100 Litres. Once a week for best results, and at least once a month 
  3. To Solve Algae Problems: 50 ml per 100 Litres. Once a week, until problem is solved. Then revert to maintenance dose 


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