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Pond algae treatment review using Bio Lake Clear

Bio Lake Clear and Bio Lake Ecosocks

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Pond algae treatment
Algae treatment, 100% safe

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“It is great to have an environmentally safe product that works as advertised. Bio Lake Clear solved our pond odors and algae problems, and even solved the sludge issues that we had. Bio Lake Clear is a fabulous product”

Jacki Peeler, Henson Robinson Zoo, Springfield, IL

“I have used this product for 4 years now, and it has always eliminated algae in my ponds. Not only has Bio Lake Clear solved the algae problem, but it has solved my sludge issues as well.”
Ken Giesler, Sandy Hollow Golf Course, Rockford IL

“I love the clarity Bio Lake Clear provides for my ponds. Nothing has ever worked better on algae. Not only does it solve the algae problem, but it knocks out pond odors fast. I strongly recommend this product.”
Mike Hawley, Sligo Golf Course, Rockville, MD

“I am very experienced in all types of pond management, and Bio Lake Clear really performs. I highly recommend it.”
Robert Townsend, Quality Turf Management, Carson City, NV

Pond algae treatment review

“We use this in all our problem ponds.Bio Lake Clear does a great job in reducing algae and sludge. Plus, Bio Lake Clear keeps our intake filters clean. It saves many hours of maintenance time and I regret not using it sooner!”
Tom Green, Country Club of Orangeburg, Orangeburg, SC

“Your Bio Lake Clear is really easy to apply. My lake looks great and the price is very reasonable. You give me the control I need over algae problems, and I thank you.”
Tim Lohsey: Sandcreek Golf Club Idaho Falls, ID

“Your Bio Lake Clear worked very well in our small ponds. I recommend it strongly.”
Paul Schaefer: Prairie Isle Golf Club Crystal Lake, IL

“Your Bio Lake Clear worked very well to reduce algae in my pond. I am very please with the product.”
Tim Heeny: The Idaho Club Sandpoint, ID

“I liked the way your Bio Lake Clear product worked-even in my very shallow ponds.”
John Wahl: Lakewood Golf Course Georgetown, OH

“I have tried all sorts of products that claimed to clear up my pond. Nothing ever did until I tried Bio Lake Clear. The stuff is really something. It cleared up the algae fast and it worked miracles on the sludge. What do I say about Bio Lake Clear? I say try it, you’ll like it.”
Buddy Brooks: Homeowner Apopka, FL

More Pond algae treatment review

“My opinion of your Bio Lake Clear is very simple. The product is very effective.”
Marvin Schaffer: J&M Aquatic & Pet Center Grand Junction, CO

“Algae levels are 100% better and the water looks better than ever.”
Roger Jannaron: Pets Plus Hazel, NJ

“I really like your pond products. Environmentally sound-and it works great to reduce algae in our ponds.”
Dan Kik: Thorn Apple Golf Club Kalamazoo, MI

“I have used your pond product in our ponds since 2005, and it has worked well each and every year. That is a great track record.”
John Cooper: Hewood Homestead Golf Course Rockford, IL

“Despite a lot of rain, your pond product worked very well in our ponds to eliminate algae.”
Tony Stepka: St. Clair River Country Club St. Clair, MI

“I recommend this product because it is easy to use, and I love the beautiful, clear, algae free ponds I have with your pond product.”
Chuck Fogle: University Golf Club & Conference University Park IL

“Your product flat-out eliminates algae. I recommend it.”
Sam Brown: Majestic Sea Life Tucson, AZ

“We use this in all of our problem ponds. Your pond product is great for reducing algae and I highly recommend it.”
Tom Green: Country Club of Orangeburg Orangeburg, SC

“I just loved the way your pond product worked to clarify my ponds. Nothing has ever worked better on algae. It is really a great product.”
Mike Hawley: Sligo Golf Course Rockville, MD

“Our shop has been using Bio Lake Clear for 3 seasons. We specialize in water gardens, so we are very particular about what we provide and recommend to our customers.Bio Lake Clear is amazing for both water clarity and water quality. Bio Lake Clear use gives happy healthy fish! Bio Lake Clear absolutely solves problems with algae and green water. We have even seen it work in temperatures as low 45 degrees which is great for that spring start up. We endorse Bio Lake Clear 100%.”
Linda Siler, Manager, O’Quinn’s, Springfield, MO

Pond algae treatment review

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