Powerful septic treatment for odor

Powerful septic treatment for odorPowerful septic treatment for odor

Eliminate Rotten Egg and Sulfide Odor: Powerful septic treatment for odor

Septic professionals across the country agree… Septic Medic is Number One, Surface water is no longer a problem! With Sulf-X is the best product available for Eliminating Rotten Egg and Sulfide Odors! Septic Medic is a liquid, bacterial product for septic tanks that eliminates sulfide odor, digests excess sludge, and unclogs the drain field. SM is completely natural, non toxic, and beneficial for the environment.

“I have used every product out there, and SM is the best. Not only does it handle normal septic problems with ease, but it is also tremendous in breaking down grease and fats. I have used it personally to breakdown Volkswagons-full of grease. This is a great product.” Powerful septic treatment for odor
Chris Nelson, Santa Rosa, CA

“I love this product. Just above my backyard deck, I have a vent which used to disturb my dinner guests. With your product, the odors are finally gone. It is a really great product for stopping the foul septic odors!”
Leroy Hutchinson – Hammondsport, NY

“I have to admit, the product really works. It breaks down odors, grease and sludge like nothing else.”
John, Ironton, OH

“Your product really performs as advertised. It works fantastic in septic tanks and in outdoor sludge pits and portable toilets. Thank you for making a septic additive that really works.”
Jerry Brown, Loomis, CA

“When you first offered me this product, I used it first in my own septic tank. I was amazed, as the tank went from needing a good pump-out down to pristine shape…all within about 6 weeks. This is the best sludge product I have seen in 30 years.”
Jim Cye, Greene, NY

” I put Septic Medic in the D-box that flows to the drain field. Everything is cleared out and the foul odors are gone. SM is a great product. Thank you!”
Ray Raeley, Kirley Septic – Madison, NY

“I used Septic Medic in a 1200 gallon septic tank with jet aeration. Previously, this tank had horrendous odor problems. But with SM, the odor was knocked out in just a couple of days. .”
Sean Mefford, Minford, OH

“Once the word got around that your product stopped the rotten egg and sulfide odors, it became really easy to sell. I carry it and sell a lot of it because it works. My customers and I are thrilled with SM.”
Jeff Jerasher, O’Fallon, IL

Laboratory Results

Application of Septic Medic
(Regular Strength, Liquid Formula)
To Test and Control Septic Tank Systems
A comprehensive, test vs. control laboratory study was conducted to confirm the superior results attainable in standard residential septic tanks using Septic Medic (Regular Strength, liquid formulation). This rigorous test was performed for 90 consecutive days in a laboratory setting using Septic Medic treated (TEST) and untreated (CONTROL) septic tank systems. The results were excellent:

  • Discharge quality was at least 28% improved in Total Suspended Solids (TSS) with Septic Medic.
  • Discharge quality was at least 18% improved in Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) with Septic Medic.
  • Discharge quality was at least 12% improved in Oil and Grease (a measure of fat content) with Septic Medic.

These improvements, though large and exciting in themselves, do not tell the full story. These numbers were calculated from the beginning through the end of a 90-day laboratory study. However, the results as taken over the last 30 days of the study were even more impressive in Septic Medic’s favor.

However you look at it, these impressive improvements in pollution control mean dramatically cleaner discharge from your septic tank. And with this improved septic tank efficiency, your septic system will run more efficiently for many years. And that is good for both the environment AND your bank account! Please continue to read about this exciting laboratory study in the pages that follow, and you will see just why we are so excited about Septic Medic!

Powerful septic treatment for odor.

Read More on the Laboratory Results

Based on 500 gallon tank
Maintenance Dose: To maintain peak performance in the house septic system, use 1 quart every 60 to 90 days or as needed.
Use: For severe problem septic systems use Septic Medic 16 oz. once a week, every week until the problem is resolved.