Bio Lake EcoSock GC




Bio Lake EcoSock GC

Bio Lake EcoSock GC

The Bio Lake EcoSock GC product consists of Specialized Bacteria and bacterial nutrients contained in a special slow-release formula.The  bacterial nutrients are contained in the cloth bag. Each bag of BLE GC will treat 1/4 acre (about 10,000 sq feet) for a month before it needs replaced. THIS PRODUCT IS A ONCE A MONTH APPLICATION!

Bio Lake EcoSock GC is ideal to reduce floating and submerged mats or fibrous masses.  The product consists of specialized bacteria and bacterial nutrients contained in a special slow-release formula. The bacteria and bacterial nutrients are contained in a cloth bag. A 12 foot tether is attached to the bag. The product is designed so that you can place the bag into the pond, secure it in position using the attached tether and allow it to work for 4 weeks, maximum. At the end of 4 weeks in the pond, the bag will still be full, but it will no longer be active. Remove the bag, and discard it as you would your yard waste.

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