Instantly cycle aquariums Startsmart – Freshwater OES


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Instantly cycle aquariums Startsmart

Instantly cycle aquariums Startsmart - FreshwaterInstantly cycle aquariums Startsmart – Freshwater: Live bacterial suspension. For superior nitrification  in aquaculture systems. Digests organic sludge, minimizes H2S production, and minimizes potential for pathogenic bacterial growth by digesting excess organic sediment that cause anaerobic zone.

  • Star tSmart is the Only Biological product independently proven to Instantly Nitrify
  • Which means to biologically convert H2S to nitrite to nitrate.
  • Instantly cycle a new or problem aquarium (1 oz per 10 gallons one time, then switch to maintenance dose)
    Ideal for maintenance, digesting sludge, keeping water healthy (1 oz per 40 gallons weekly or as needed)
    Clarifies water and surfaces, safely and naturally (1 oz per 20 gallons weekly until problem solved, then switch to maintenance dose)
  • Instantly cycle aquariums Startsmart – Freshwater

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