Bio Drain and Septic Tank Treatment

Septic tank bacteria additive: Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner

It’s a Must for distribution tank treatment; tank repair, and treatment after pumping.

Add 1 gallon of Bio Drain Cleaner after you have your tank pumped!

Give you system a boost with billions of bacteria to get your system up and running.


Treatment for Septic Tank
Bio Drain Cleaner, 200X stronger
  • Treats Slow Drains
  • Reduces Need for Pumping
  • Stops Drain Field Back Up
  • Prevents Clogs, Eliminates Noxious Odor
  • Improves Distribution Tank Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 200x Stronger than any other product on the market

Bio Drain Cleaner your septic tank bacteria treatment
Just Compare

Number of Bacteria per Gram(cc) Number of Bacteria per Container
Rid-X 1,500,000 680 Million
Roebic-K-37 50,000 47 Million
Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner 10,000,000 9.5 Billion

COMMERCIAL – Residential

Superior Drain Line Cleaner and a Septic Tank Bacteria Treatment with Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner

NEW: Bio Drain Cleaner- Environmentally superior solution to drain line build up. Highly concentrated liquid suspension of naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, bacteria and enzymes. Bio Drain Cleaner – 100% non-toxic,non-caustic, totally safe for plumbing, garbage disposals, cesspools, super system treatment.

Septic tank bacteria treatment
Septic tank bacteria treatment

Distribution Tank Conditions Requiring remedy: (Severe Conditions see below)

  • Pipes and lines leading to the tank, the distribution box or the leach field are clogged.
  • The leach field and/or distribution tank have standing water on the surface of the ground above them.
  • Odors of raw sewage or decomposition are prevalent around the septic tank or the leach field and Odor inside bathroom
  • The entire system backs up whenever a toilet is flushed, the clothes washer is operated, or the dishwasher and sink are emptied.

Surface water in your septic field or cesspool, Winter is a good time to tell if you have a problem!

Septic Treatment after pumping with Bio Drain and Septic

Direction: This may vary, contact us for assistance

Routine septic maintenance is simple, just 1 quart per month of Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner, poured directly in the toilet.

To treat clogged drain lines, add 2 oz. per drain per week to treat clogs and keep drain lines clear.

SEVERE CONDITIONS: Add one (1) gallon of Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner per month, for 2-3 months, then a maintenance dose of 1 quart per month.

Bio Drain  will not dissolve roots, clay, silt, stones or plastic material. Therefore if a block in the line is determined to be caused by this kind of material it will be necessary to have the line opened mechanically prior to treatment, after removing the physical block treat as above.

Expected Results:

  • Pipes and lines will open and run freely. Grease and fat accumulation will be removed.
  • Puddling over tank and leach field will cease. The system will flow normally.
  • Odors of raw sewage and the anaerobic decomposition of waste around the tank, the lines, the distribution box and the leach field will disappear.
  • The entire system will flow normally and allow utilization of household equipment without back-ups.

Origins of the Condition:

  1. Cooking grease and fat have accumulated on the walls of the pipes and lines forming a gummy layer that will entrap solid particles causing a block in the line. Organic solids spilling over from the septic tank into the distribution box and the lines leading to the leach field, have coated the distribution box and the lines from it with anaerobic mud that acts in a fashion similar to grease and fat.
  2. The pores in the absorption field have filled with organic solids, grease, fat and anaerobic bacteria, so water is no longer absorbed into the ground. The lines leading from the septic tank, as well as the tank itself, are filled with solids and/or grease and fat so entering waste water has no where to go but to the surface of the ground.
  3. Excessive amounts of waste water are present and decomposing anaerobically in all sections of the distribution tank system . Water is surfacing and bringing odor with it. The mixture of microorganisms needed to provide adequate treatment is no longer present in the septic tank or on the tiles and stones of the leach field .
  4. A combination of all of the above is probably taking place. It is possible that a physical block in the line leading to the septic tank itself has occurred, but that is unlikely to be a problem of accumulation, rather the presence of a root or stone, or a broken pipe that has collapsed. Treatment for Septic Tank


Distribution Tank remedy after pumping with Bio Drain and Septic – add 1 gallon
If the distribution tank has been in operation for longer than two years since it was installed or last cleaned, have the tank pumped prior to the addition of Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner.

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