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Case Study: West shore Wildlife Reserve Napier, New Zealand
New Zealand is an international leader in establishment of eco-preserves. The West shore Wildlife Reserve, located in Napier, NZ, is set aside for the protection of wildlife and the unique coastal lagoon habitats, and caters primarily to ornithologists, photographers and other passive recreational users. The Kiwi breeding facility at West shore breeds and raises Kiwi as part of the national captive breeding program and for reintroduction into many local Kiwi recovery projects. Until the 1990’s, the West shore lagoon was subject to harmful fertilizer influx because it was in the flight path of crop dusters. The resulting chronic algae problems resisted all means of treatment, including excavation, prompting authorities to implement Aquatic Bio Control products.

Tony Billing is a world-renowned ecologist and has worked in the zoological community and wildlife management since 1972, and manages over 100 Reserves in NZ. In addition, Tony is the Manager of the Kiwi Research and Captive Breeding Facility at Napier’s West shore Wildlife Reserve and holds several other portfolios, some of which include; Chairman of the Kiwi Captive Management Advisory Committee; Kiwi Management Consultant to the National Aquarium of New Zealand; and a member of the ASZK Management Committee.

  • Treatment Program:
    The Wildlife Reserve lagoon is about 40 acres, and ranges in depth from 2 to 10 feet. Single-strength product addition at the rate of 1500 gallons per month commenced in July 2002. However, today’s corresponding dose rate is 300 gallons per month of LLMO GC, as the product has been concentrated 5 fold since 2002, resulting in freight, storage, and labor savings. Treatment objectives were elimination of algae and weed, sludge reduction, and odor control.
  • Results:
    Visual improvement in this large lagoon was seen in the first 120 days, and odors were abated. Over the next three years, continuous improvement was noted in all objectives, which was especially satisfying in that all prior treatment methods were unsuccessful. Due to the Aquatic Bio Control treatment program, the lagoon has been restored to excellent condition, and wildlife habitation has been restored to natural patterns.

“I acknowledge the vast improvement in the condition of the lagoon areas of the West shore Wildlife Reserve. The amount of clear, weed-free water has increased dramatically, and the water quality has also greatly improved. I congratulate you for rectifying the weed and algae problem, and you may use these results in the promotion of your product and treatment regime.”

...Tony Billing, Reserves Manager, City of Napier, New Zealand

FireStone Country Club, Akron OhioHome of the 2010 World Golf Championships
Bridgestone Invitational, August 2 – August
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Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, Bay Village, OH
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erie2Erie Nature & Science Center. Bay Village, OHerie
erie2 Lake Erie Nature & Science Center is a regional center of excellence that features a planetarium, wildlife rehabilitation, more than 100 live animals on exhibit and a wide variety of educational offerings. The $1.2 million non-profit organization employs 40 people and annually serves more than 180,000 children and adults. Bay Village, OH

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